As August begins, I am transitioning out of most of my side projects in preparation for the start of my doctoral program at Johnson and Wales University.  While I’m sad that I won’t be directly involved in these projects moving forward, I know they are going into good hands and will be moved forward in their evolution, including:

1.  Student Affairs Live
This web show has been such an honor and privilege to be a part of.  When I took over for Eric Stoller last summer, I knew I had big shoes to fill and I’m proud of the job I did to provide opportunities for meaningful conversation with Student Affairs colleagues across the country each week.  Overall, there were a total of 25 episodes (3 with guest hosts) with some fantastic professionals, including:

Beginning today, my good friend Mike Hamilton from WPI will be taking over as host of the Student Affairs Live channel on the Higher Ed Live network with Campus Labs as our new sponsor.  Mike has been my partner and producer in all of my video adventures (dating back to my Live Video Interview Series on this blog.)  I have been doing these interviews since 2010 and am ready to pass the torch to Mike, who I know will continue to grow the channel and its opportunities to connect student affairs professionals together regularly!

I’m grateful to Seth Odell, Mallory Wood, and Michael Stoner from mStoner for the opportunity and for believing in me. I hope we can all work together on future awesomeness 🙂

2.  The Student Affairs Technology Unconference Series: 2014
As the Virginia, Arizona, and Toronto events get ready to end our inaugural SATechUN series, plans for 2014 are already under way 🙂

With this in mind, I’d like to officially announce that Kristen Abell will be leading the SAtechUN 2014 series and will be your point contact should you wish to host an event.  I know Kristen is excited to be involved and will do a great job!  I will remain involved as an advisor and provide feedback when I can.

Of the 12 cities that originally agreed to host an SAtechUN event, 10 of them came to fruition. Before the end of summer, I will share a report with all the numbers and relevant data with Kristen and her team to push this idea and movement to the next level.  We already have received requests from institutions wanting to host this on their campus next year and the hope is to announce the list of cities later this fall.  We have also received more interest in sponsoring these events, much like ACPA, Magellan Collegiate Promotions, and OnCampusText did this year!  Exciting things are coming surrounding the SA Tech Unconferences, and this is just the beginning 🙂

Whether you were a host, sponsor, advisor, and/or participant, please know that I am SO grateful for your involvement this year and hope you will consider joining us again next year.

3.  SA Tech Boston
Our third annual SA Tech Unconference in Boston (at BU and the Microsoft NERD Center) was a great success, once again.  Even though I LOVE this event, I knew, deep down, that I would have to step away from it after this year.  So, I’m happy to announce that Thomas “TKay” Kelley will be leading the 2014 SA Tech Boston planning group and growing our regional event.  TKay is a fantastic professional who will take what we started and grow it into something even more awesome.  While I still will be there to advise and support, TKay will now lead the charge. I am so grateful to Kenn Elmore and Kat Cornetta for all their support and energy for this program at BU and hope we can return again next year!

So, what’s next for me?  At this point, my focus will be on my work at Bridgewater State University, classes at Johnson and Wales University, my focus on staying #SAfit, and fulfilling my responsibilities to make the ACPA 2014 Convention in Indianapolis as innovative as we are marketing it to be.  I know, that’s still a lot 🙂  But after being involved in so many wonderful projects over the last few years (e.g. Student Affairs Grow, Thinking Social, etc.), its time to focus in a bit more.

As I step back, I hope many of you will be like Kristen, TKay, and the many others who have stepped forward to take on a side project that will help our student affairs and higher education community.  What are you passionate about? What can you contribute to grow our profession? Who can you get to help you achieve your vision?

I am grateful to all of you for your consistent challenge, support, love, and encouragement. I will need it in order to achieve my next big goal for 2016: Ed Cabellon, Ed.D. 🙂

What is your next transition? How are you dealing with and managing it?

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