Making the Switch: Droid X or iPhone 4?

by Ed Cabellon on June 22, 2010 · 75 comments

Picture of Droid X and iPhone 4

I’m a very loyal person, especially when it comes to where I spend my money.  Once a business has provided me quality customer service and an overall good experience, it’s hard to justify leaving.  That’s why it pains me to say that by September 2nd (if not earlier), I’ll be retiring as a BlackBerry user and moving on to either an iPhone or Droid.  Whether I leave AT&T will certainly be up for discussion as well, especially if I choose Droid!

This decision hasn’t come without thought or consideration for my current BlackBerry Bold, which overall I have loved.  The number 1 reason why I’m leaving BlackBerry is because of it’s poor mobile web experience.  Since users, consumers, producers, etc. are spending countless hours and resources in mobile web and its development, it only makes sense that in order to have a complete “smart phone” experience, the mobile web experience on my device has to be top notch.  Enter in the Droid and iPhone.

Will I miss the tactile keyboard? Yes. Will I miss the blinky red light notifier? Yes.  Will I miss the amazing email experience I’ve had? Yes.  But, there comes at time when one has to move on, especially when it comes to technology.  Come to think of it, I’ve had many devices over the last decade:  BlackBerry Bold 9000, Blackberry Pearl 8100, Palm Treo 750, and even the Nextel i730!

Many of you out there who read this blog are current Droid and iPhone users, and some have recently moved to these devices from a BlackBerry. Some of you have been on the iPhone for a while now, while others are new users of both the iPhone and Droid.  This is where I could use your help.

Please leave your two cents below in the comments section with your answers to the following questions:
1.  What was your deciding factor in choosing your current device (either iPhone or Droid)?

2.  If you had to do it all over again, would you choose the same and why?

Thanks so much for your help on this!

UPDATE:  I have decided to go with the Droid X and will be trying to pick one up at launch on Thursday, July15th first thing in the morning.  Let’s hope I’m one of the first in line :-)  More on this after I get it!

UPDATE #2: Here is my review and app recommendations for the Droid!

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