Dr. Ed Cabellon is a collaborative higher educational leader, internationally recognized as an experienced digital technology and communication educator, speaker, and consultant catalyzing change throughout the academy and beyond. From keynote talks for association conferences to on-campus consulting meetings with senior and executive leaders, Dr. Cabellon helps organizations fill the digital technology and communication education gap for students and staff to positively impact recruitment, retention, and engagement efforts.

Since 2007, Dr. Cabellon has spoken at nearly 100 colleges, universities, organizations, and associations as a keynote, featured speaker, consultant, or educator in residence. His audiences have included administrators and staff from student affairs, information technology, integrated marketing, and auxiliary services to faculty in a wide range of disciplines. In addition, he has focused content for students and student leaders in contexts including first-year orientation, student employee training, and student leadership conferences and events.

As a scholar-practitioner, Dr. Cabellon deeply connects with his audiences through a dynamic mix of practical experience with theoretical concepts. His engaging presence and likable personality are a powerful combination that has inspired audiences for years…. and now, he is ready to come to your campus or organization! Contact him today!

Speaking Programs Overview

Featured Speaking Programs

Cracking the Student Communication Code: Developing Your Student Affairs Digital Communication Strategy

Digital communication tools are ubiquitous across colleges and universities across the US. Yet, most institutions focus their communication efforts towards an external audience for recruitment, fundraising, public relations, and marketing purposes. How can student affairs and enrollment services divisions develop a more focused, integrated communication approach towards matriculated students? In this session, participants will learn about how to crack the student communication code through the development of an integrated marketing team at the division level, shifting the mindset around student messaging.

Through this program, participants will learn:

  • How to create a division-wide, integrated marketing team to engage students through purposeful messaging.
  • How to involve students in the process, creating intensive student employment or internship opportunities with measureable learning outcomes.
  • How to inspire divisional buy-in to create systematic change.

This program is for division leaders in student affairs or enrollment management seeking a modern approach to engaging current, matriculated students through purposeful messaging on digital communication platforms.


Data Visualization Through Digital Technology

As student affairs and enrollment services professionals collect more data related to their work, how is that data being shared with a wider audience? As digital technology tools increase in sophistication, our staffs now have the ability to share data in more creative and engaging ways. In this program, participants will learn about the power of data visualization in higher education, how to create an infrastructure to support this practice, and why this practice is essential to moving the co-curricular agenda forward.

Through this program, participants will learn:

  • How data visualization moves collected data beyond traditional pie charts, bar graphs, and reports.
  • How to create an associated infrastructure of support to create data visualizations in real time, for consumption on web, in presentations and print.
  • How data visualizations may create more opportunities for student affairs and enrollment services professionals to expand their respective co-curricular agendas.

This program is for division leaders, directors, and assistant/associate directors in student affairs or enrollment management seeking a modern, real-time approach to sharing meaningful data findings from various conducted assessments.


Unlocking the Power of Your Digital Identity

In the digital age, our identities are being developed both in person and through our use of social media communication tools. Yet, many have only begun to discover how the use of these tools may extend to professional and educational purposes as well. How can students and staff begin to utilize their digital identities to extend their engagement beyond on-campus interactions? Through this program, participants will be able to articulate their digital identities, how they may further develop it, and practical applications for future opportunities.

Through this program, participants will learn:

  • How to identify and articulate what their digital identity is.
  • What steps to take to further develop it in educational and professional constructs.
  • Why one’s digital identity may lead to future job, graduate school, or other opportunities.

This program may be geared towards students, staff, or faculty in an educational setting seeking education and practical skill building on how to articulate, actualize, and activate one’s digital identity.


Other Speaking Topics Include:

  • Navigating Campus Politics
  • Becoming an Influencer On Your Campus
  • Creating an Divisional Integrated Marketing Team for Digital Student Communication

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