Dr. Josie Ahlquist
Dr. Ahlquist’s work focuses on discovering the intersection of digital communication technologies and leadership development in higher education.

Paul Gordon Brown
Paul’s work focuses specializes in student learning and development’s intersection with technology, social media and design.

Tony Doody 
Tony’s work focuses on leadership through innovation in higher education.

Dr. Paul Eaton
Dr. Eaton’s work focuses on the role of digital technologies on education and human identity emergence/becoming; complexity theory and it’s application to education; and posthuman and postqualitative educational research.

Dr. Adam Gismondi 
Dr. Gismondi’s work focuses on social media’s impact on college student civic engagement and awareness as well as the development of mobile technologies to augment the undergraduate experience.

Dr. Liz Gross
Dr. Gross’ is a Data-Driven Marketer, Social Media Strategist, and Higher Education Researcher.

Dr. Rey Junco
Dr. Junco is is known for his pioneering work on using social technologies in higher education.

Dr. Ann Marie Klotz 
Dr. Klotz’s professional work and research center on empowering others to create lives of meaning, purpose and focus.