Since 2015, Dr. Cabellon published: “Student Affairs in the Digital Age”, which was a chapter he co-authored with Dr. Rey Junco for New Directions for Student Services (NDSS); “Engaging the Digital Generation“, which was an NDSS sourcebook co-edited and written with Dr. Josie Ahlquist; and “Remixing Leadership Practices with Emerging Technologies“, which was a chapter he co-authored with Dr. Paul Gordon Brown for New Directions for Student Leadership.

Featured Publications


Chapter Title: “The Digital Age of Student Affairs” (New Directions for Student Services)

This chapter describes the student affairs profession in the digital age. The authors explore new challenges educators and professionals face as new areas are added and expanded, how social networks and digital technology tools continue to evolve, and what skills are needed to engage with students in person and online.



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Book Title: “Engaging the Digital Generation” (Co-Editor, w/ Dr. Josie Ahlquist)

The book covers a variety of topics including how digital technologies have fundamentally changed higher education; new concepts of college student and professional staff identity and self development; building digital leadership capacity; applying big data in relevant and useful ways; evolving guidance documents; and the value to chief student affairs officers.



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Chapter Title: “Remixing Leadership Practice with Emerging Technologies” (New Directions for Student Leadership)

The opening chapter of this special edition sets the stage for a discussion of the emerging intersections of technology and leadership development. The authors present an overview of the historical trends in and current state of technology in higher education, including platforms, tools, and theories that have impacted our work in higher education. This first chapter introduces the influence of technology on our understanding of and work in leadership.