Google Plus announced today that their “On-Air” for Hangouts feature will be going live in a few weeks. is now LIVE.  I’m VERY EXCITED about this as it will change the way administrators and faculty in Higher Education will be able to deliver content.  The “On-Air” feature allows you to broadcast you and up to 9 others for anyone to watch in real time.  If you can’t make the broadcast live, no problem!  You can also record and repost it on YouTube for those to watch on-demand, on their schedule.  Since Google Plus Hangouts come embedded with many apps, including SlideShare, Docs, YouTube, etc., the amount of online “group work” productivity you can accomplish with others, has grown exponentially!

Imagine doing the following over Google Plus Hangouts:

  • Any type of trainings for student volunteers, employees, and/or staff
  • Pre-Orientation and/or Academic Advising Sessions
  • Conference Education Sessions and Keynotes
  • Focus and study groups
  • Planning meetings for any event, cause, or purpose.
  • Broadcasting events to the greater campus community, including your Alumni and Parents.
  • And many… many more!

Now the classroom, meeting room, laboratory, has NO walls.  If you were wondering why Google Plus mattered, you now have a strong reason in Hangouts.  While Facebook = Social; Twitter = Information; LinkedIn = Professional; and Pinterest = Visual… now Google Plus = Group Productivity.

I am looking forward to seeing how everyone uses it 🙂

What could you use Google Plus Hangout’s “On Air” feature for in your area(s)?  What are your thoughts on all the new features?


  • Really, no comments on this yet? My first thought is that I can now archive (and expand the reach) of our students’ favorite part of orientation – the student panel. One or two staff members can moderate, and a handful of students could participate. We may get some viewers live, but I think the real value will be in the archive.

    If we get the students to publicize their Facebook and Twitter accounts, the conversation could carry on indefinitely….or at least until the panelists are no longer with our institution.

  • I’d love to see this utilized for #sachat. Bring on a panel of 5 or so people (change people so it’s not always the X and Y show) Have one person moderate, one person monitor twitter/facebook. Still have similar questions, but it can go deeper. This could also help #sachat open to new people who are afraid/intimidated by the speed of a regular #sachat. Plus I think this would be easier to archive, and go back to, by not having to read through ALL the tweets, rather you can listen while doing other working.

  • Working in International Affairs, this has huge potential to connect with participants around the globe for an on-campus event, engaging students across multiple medias, including Twitter/Facebook to ask questions during the event, Live-Blogging to supplement the talk (posting articles and information relating to the topic that speaker just referenced). Where Skype may not work, On Air may fill a large gap.

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