This summer will mark my 10 11 year Anniversary with Golf, a sport I never thought I’d fall so deeply in love with. It has become a yearly obsession hobby that has given me as much joy as it has frustration. For someone who is as competitive as I am, it’s a fun formula:


It all started in Maine at Mt. Kineo’s 9 hole Golf Course. My in-laws took me up there in the summer of 1999, to show off the beauty of North Central Maine, but also to play some golf. Once we started playing, it got extremely frustrating. As someone who is a perfectionist, it was maddening that I was hacking away at a 1.6 inch wide golf ball, that WASN’T MOVING, that I couldn’t hit. What was wrong with me? I could hit a baseball, catch a football, shoot a basketball… but this, was something completely different. In those other sports, centered around the “team” concept, here I was, completely on my own. All I knew, was that I just HAD to figure this game out. I KNEW I could do better.

On the Course at Mt. Kineo
On the Course at Mt. Kineo

I left Mt. Kineo that day determined to get better at Golf and it has been a 10 year adventure that has connected me with new friends and enriched my family connections in ways that would never happened if it were not for the game. Only now do I have a better appreciation for the game and its rich history. I’ve taken lessons and read books/magazines and watched videos, as most amateur golfers do. I’ve even purchased “quick fix” items, like special putters and drivers that claim to fix your game. In the end, the biggest lesson I’ve learned in golf, as in life, you need patience, experience, and a bit of luck if you’re going to “get it”.

Golfing is now my retreat, “my time”. It always centers me no matter what is going on. I highly recommend it for anyone who has even been remotely curious about it. Are you interested?

For Fun:  My brother-in-law Marco at Mt. Kineo last summer, skipping a golf ball across the water:


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