This Monday, I will be attending my first EDUCAUSE Annual Conference in Orlando, FL! EDUCAUSE is an organization that I’ve followed for a long time, highlighting their research in my doctoral work and various speaking engagements. Given my new role at Bridgewater State University working directly with our colleagues in I.T., this new professional development opportunity, outside of traditional Student Affairs conferences, is an exciting one!

As I prepare for the trip, I am curious to hear from folks in Higher Education I.T. and Student Affairs about a number of questions:

1. Who do I need to meet?
While I’m excited to reconnect with newly minted Dr. Laura Pasquini, a member of our ACPA Digital Task Force, I also want to connect with those who work with Student Affairs departments regularly, those focused on student success initiatives (particularly with first-generation students), and those engaged in social media use both in and out of the classroom environment. Additionally, if you are in Student Affairs or we’ve connected via Twitter or LinkedIn and are headed to EDUCAUSE, please let me know!

2. What topics are most salient for those of us who work with students daily?
I downloaded the EDUCAUSE App, started building my itinerary, and already am blown away at the number of sessions that are being offered. Some of the ones that stood out included:

– Implementing an Online Student Success Program on Campus

– Education Needs Innovative Course Design to Promote Student Engagement

– Funding Technology: Replacing a Broken Model

– Using Data to Manage Enrollment and Graduation

– Using Technology as a Change Engine for Student Success

– Microcredentialing and Digital Badges

 Organize to Get Analytics Right: Integrating Institutional Teams and High Speed to Improve Student Success

Of course, the opening keynote by Clay Christensen, on “Disruptive Innovation and the Future of Higher Education” is worth the trip alone!

3. What are some of your favorite technology vendors on your campus?
I certainly geeked-out a bit when I saw the impressive list of vendors scheduled to be in EDUCAUSE’s exhibit hall. Your suggestions on some of the technology companies you and your institutions work with may help me focus!

4. Have you been to an EDUCAUSE Annual Conference? If so, what’s your advice?
I am confident that I’ll learn quite a bit and meet a good number of folks next week in Orlando. For those who have been to EDUCAUSE before, what are your thoughts on getting the most out of the event? If you’ve been to other Higher Education conferences, how does is EDUCAUSE different?

I will be tweeting a lot next week, sharing as much as I can while I am down there (#EDU14), so I hope you’ll follow along 🙂

Last year, EDUCAUSE shared the video below during their annual conference. I loved it and look forward to more of EDUCAUSE’s research, educational sessions, and new connections to help strengthen our relationship in Student Affairs with our I.T. division and ultimately help better serve our students.

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  • Ed,
    I will be interested in your take on Educause. I have been contemplating making a case to attend. Looking forward to learning from/though you!


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