I’m a very loyal person, especially when it comes to where I spend my money.  Once a business has provided me quality customer service and an overall good experience, it’s hard to justify leaving.  That’s why it pains me to say that by September 2nd (if not earlier), I’ll be retiring as a BlackBerry user and moving on to either an iPhone or Droid.  Whether I leave AT&T will certainly be up for discussion as well, especially if I choose Droid!

This decision hasn’t come without thought or consideration for my current BlackBerry Bold, which overall I have loved.  The number 1 reason why I’m leaving BlackBerry is because of it’s poor mobile web experience.  Since users, consumers, producers, etc. are spending countless hours and resources in mobile web and its development, it only makes sense that in order to have a complete “smart phone” experience, the mobile web experience on my device has to be top notch.  Enter in the Droid and iPhone.

Will I miss the tactile keyboard? Yes. Will I miss the blinky red light notifier? Yes.  Will I miss the amazing email experience I’ve had? Yes.  But, there comes at time when one has to move on, especially when it comes to technology.  Come to think of it, I’ve had many devices over the last decade:  BlackBerry Bold 9000, Blackberry Pearl 8100, Palm Treo 750, and even the Nextel i730!

Many of you out there who read this blog are current Droid and iPhone users, and some have recently moved to these devices from a BlackBerry. Some of you have been on the iPhone for a while now, while others are new users of both the iPhone and Droid.  This is where I could use your help.

Please leave your two cents below in the comments section with your answers to the following questions:
1.  What was your deciding factor in choosing your current device (either iPhone or Droid)?

2.  If you had to do it all over again, would you choose the same and why?

Thanks so much for your help on this!

UPDATE:  I have decided to go with the Droid X and will be trying to pick one up at launch on Thursday, July15th first thing in the morning.  Let’s hope I’m one of the first in line 🙂  More on this after I get it!

UPDATE #2: Here is my review and app recommendations for the Droid!


  • My first smartphone (since last Nov) was a Blackberry 8530 ad I loved it. But it got water damage and I wasn’t insured. I looked into reconditioned phones on Verizon (will totally do this again) and was going to get a Blackberry Storm. The customer service rep actually recommended the Droid Eris instead. So far I absolutely love it, and can see why Droid is being called a possible iPhone killer. Mine was something like $169 and it seems able to do pretty much everything I wanted an iphone for. I have a 16G microSD card in it (same one from my Blackberry) and it still has the images, video and music from the Blackberry, with no issues.

    I like Verizon and AT&T’s service seems unrealiable. My answer as of today, though, would e to go with the Droid.

    • AT&T service is top dog at Bridgewater and in most places I travel, but I could be swayed if the droid is that much better a device. Thanks for reading and commenting sir!

  • I was a very loyal blackberry customer for a long time. It came to a point though, where I really wanted a camera. And Facebook. And GPS. My current blackberry didn’t support that and I was due for an upgrade. When looking at all that AT&T had to offer at the time, the iPhone was the least expensive and could do everything I wanted it to. Note: I was VERY anti-iPhone. I was scared about the touchscreen keyboard. I didn’t know if I’d be able to grasp the ‘Mac’ of it all. Now, I’m very happy in my decision. Droids weren’t available then, so that had a lot to do with it. Now, I lust after the Nexus One but I’m not paying $529 for one, when I can get an iPhone 4 for $199. For me, it came down to ease of acquiring the iPhone and the cost.

    Good luck!


    • Thanks Jess, I appreciate you reading and commenting! I’m guessing now you’re not “Anti-iPhone”? How is that touchscreen keyboard for you now? Did it just take some getting used to?

  • First smartphone was the Blackberry Curve 8830 for Verizon. Loved every minute of it. Durable. Great battery life. OK camera. Amazing convenience in syncing with Outlook.

    Finally, I updated to the HTC Droid Incredible. It is a toy whereas the blackberry was a business device. I have games, I have an 8-mp camera/camcorder, I have a touchscreen, I have a phone that has a faster processor than my first computer and I have issues with all of this.

    I don’t have great syncing capabilities with Outlook (HTC loves Google to the point that Google really runs the phone and your phonebook). I have duplicate entries because my phone likes to sync Gmail, Exchange, Phone, Facebook, Twitter, and Flckr all together. (I haven’t found an option yet to disable the linking but I did find a way to disable what appears in the overall phonebook view.)

    I don’t have a device that portrays a seriousness, IMHO. An iPhone can still be looked at with some professionalism. A Blackberry WAS THE professional device (now my 14 year old cousins have them), but it still carries merit. Pulled out a Droid Incredible, in my opinion, says I wanted an iPod Touch with phone capabilities. It is a toy. Granted a highly capable, very sharp looking, expensive toy.

    If I wanted to carry my blackberry with me on a month long tour up and down the east coast along with my bulky 5 mp camera both of which have battery and durability issues. Esp, the blackberry that sort of shuts down when it wants and will come back on when it is ready. I would hang on to the blackberry and wait for the newest one coming out in September with OS 6.

    However, I don’t have that kind of patience and need a reliable phone for the month thus looks like I have signed up to be with Android for atleast the next 18 months or so until my upgrade hits again…by that time Verizon should have an iPhone.

    Oh and for some reason, Blackberry (or mine atleast) had one to two bars more service driving around compared to the HTC Droid Incredible. I could still make calls but not as clear as the Blackberry.

  • I also moved from a blackberry to a Droid. I had a reconditioned blackberry curve (after my original was stolen on campus) and it was messing up on me. I took it to Verizon and asked them to fix it for me. He said I could upgrade to a new phone if I wanted to, I had been drooling over the storm for months and was so excited that I might get to buy one. The sales guy told me to try out the Droid phones first to see what I thought. He gave me an Eris, a Motorola Droid and a new Droid phone that wasn’t officially available yet but he would be more than happy to sell me. I played around with them (the Motorola does have a tactile keyboard btw) and I really liked the droid set up and the look of it. Money and size wise I preferred the Eris so that is what I got and I LOVE it! I have gotten used to the touch screen keyboard, although I still makes mistakes sometimes. I like the HTC Sense theme and I could probably go on and on about all the things I like about it. It’s gotten even better since I upgraded to the newest Droid OS.

    I am definitely a big fan of Droids now and recommend them to everyone I know. If I had to do it all over again, I would definitely go with the Droid again. Although, if I were able to get the phone now rather than when I did, I would probably get the HTC Incredible. I hear it’s a pretty awesome device!

    I have never been a big fan of Apple products and I do not like ATT since they messed me over a few years ago. The service I have received with Verizon has been very good and I get a discount through work.

    • Thanks for your insight Michell! I’ve never been a huge fan of Apple or its products either (being a big PC guy), but I’ve been slowly becoming more open to the “idea” of it all. 🙂 The whole touchscreen thing will be the biggest thing for me to get over initially, either way. Thanks for reading and commenting! 🙂

  • I am going with the Droid Incredible. The gentleman at Verizon sold me on it. I have also been a loyal blackberry user for quite a while, but alas, I think it is time to move on. I will update you more once I get the phone, I am currently on a month long waiting list.

    The guys at Verizon also told me that about 75%of the apps that they make for iphone are now available for droid as well. Although I am a little terrified on a touch screen phone.

    Happy Decision Making.

    • Thanks KA! I use to be with Verizon a while ago, then got sucked into AT&T, LOL. I’ve been happy with both for the most part, so really it will come down to whether or not I will be able to deal with “not great” service at BSC with Verizon since AT&T service rules here. thanks for reading and commenting! 🙂

  • Ed, I chose the iPhone because at the time there was no Droid. However if given the option I would choose the iPhone again, I believe. I am not an apple lover by any means. If you put me on a mac or a macbook i freeze up. However I believe the phone has made me extremely happy.

    Some reason why:
    – Multiple emails account management is great (and with the iOS4 it got better as now you can see 1 inbox for all email accounts for a quick glance)
    – System is easy to use. It is easy for someone that doesnt know tech. If you are familiar with tech it is the easiest phone I have seen to quickly master.
    – AT&T is not the horrible no-service giant everyone want you to believe. I have had them for 10 of the 8 years (cingular for a little while). I have gotten good customer service and my iPhone gets good reception pretty much everywhere (elevators and campus centers included) + BSC has an AT&T cell tower on campus or atleast they did.
    – multitasking works well. just started using it but adds the missing dimension to the iPhone.
    – Folders on the iOS4 are awesome for organization and have cleaned up my phone significantly.
    – web surfing is an amazing experience.
    – 600,000 people pre orders the iPhone 4 on day 1. It is going to keep growing and dominating the market because it is trendy, which means apps will be come out first for the iPhone. Anything popular or new will almost always be available for it first.
    -Lastly the iPhone is built with unusable options and hardware. Apple knows where it wants to go even if AT&T cant handle it. So update for the iPhone are often significant and add great features.

    That a few of my reasons I am sticking with the iPhone. If you do move to the droid, my suggestion is to go to Sprint and pick up the HTC Evo, by far the best screen size, resolution I have seen on a phone ever.

    • Wow that was a lot of typos above. My last point I wanted to make was on the touchscreen keyboard. I always hear people say that it wont work for them. As a guy with big fingers I type very fast on my iphone. The autocorrect/fill is very intuitive.

      ok thats it, happy buying.

      • Thanks Mike! I’ve heard great things about the Evo actually and saw one this weekend. I just wonder about Sprint’s cell and data services and whether they are really comparable to Verizon and AT&T?

        You’re right, BSC does have an AT&T tower really close by, no wonder their service rules here! thanks for reading and commenting!

  • Like you I have been very loyal to companies that provide a good experience. My last three smart phones have all been palms I currently have the Centro however I will be purchasing an iPhone 4 in the next few weeks. I actually chose a palm over the original iPhone however when our microsoft exchange servers were updated this school year my calender and email no longer synced using active exchange essentially making my smart phone dumb. I did some research and found out that palm had not provided an update yet for my model phone on the AT&T network. I recieved an ipod touch from my wife for christmas and quickly realized the e-mail and calender experience on this wi-fi only device was much deeper than any of my palms had ever been. The other thing that has convinced me to buy an iPhone is the large number of apps. I know droid has a decent number of apps and their library is growing but i feel like apples app store is huge and still growing extremely fast while I worry the droids app community may not ever catch up and I could be buying into the ‘betamax’ of smartphones. Which ever you choose droid or iPhone i think you’ll enjoy either much more than your BlackBerry and i’m sure the droid’s developer support should last you through your next two year commitment and the opportunity to upgrade again.

    • Thanks so much. It makes a lot of sense that no matter what I choose to go with, I’ll be happy with it for at least two years before I consider upgrading again 🙂 I don’t know if the Droid will be the “betamax” of smartphones, but it’s sure giving iPhone a run for it’s money. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  • Ed thanks for the post. I too am up for renewal after a 10 yr relationship with T-Mobile and looking at switching from a Blackberry to an Android phone so this is a great discussion! Thanks for including us in your decision!


    • No problem TJ! I figured, if I was going through this thought process in my head, I’m sure that others were too. It’s always good to crowdsource and discuss stuff like this 🙂 Such great comments so far! thanks for reading and commenting!

  • I had a Blackberry Curve2 provided by my work until earlier this month. I, like, you, am pretty loyal to products once I’ve had a good experience – and I started out on a Macbook in 2008. I’ve loved the simplicity and ease of use in a Macbook, and knew that I wanted a lot of what the iPhone would provide – lots of app possibilities to do fun things, a high user base (meaning that a lot of the things I do have a mobile app created for iPhone, but not necessarily for other mobile phones yet), and good service (AT&T is fine in my area of Colorado). I’ve been very happy with my iPhone thus far 🙂

    • Thanks Sarah 🙂 My hope is that AT&T has bolstered up it’s infrastructure enough to handle all the new influx of iPhones and iPads out there. The device is cool and all, but if the experience is crap, then they’ll be many people flocking to other carriers. We shall see right? 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting!

  • Hey Ed

    I have had the Blackberry Curve for the past couple years and am ready to give it up. I have been a long time customer of Verizon and like their customer service and coverage, not to mention that both BGSU and my current employer University of Scranton have 20% discounts on plans. A couple weeks ago I renewed at Verizon to get the Droid Incredible and was placed on backorder. It should be arriving to me this week, however, I will be returning it to get the Droid X. The large screen, fast processor(my BB freezes about once a day and cannot handle the multiple apps I like to have running), many apps, and high res camera are going to be amazing. Verizon is going to be announcing the details and release date tomorrow at Noon. Stay tuned as I’m sure it will be amazing!

    • Thanks Mike… the Droid X huh? Another device to add to my watch list 🙂 Perhaps it is worth it to make the move? Everyone has given me a lot to think about… is it the device or service I’m chasing? or both? Let me know how it goes, I’ll be curious to see what your experience is like! thanks for reading and commenting!

  • I love the discussions on this post. This is EXACTLY what I was/am looking for and failed google searches for “best social media smartphones” haven’t helped as much as this blog.

    I am currently in the same shoes. I’ve had a blackberry for over 4 years now. It has performed fine for my email purposes, and the enterprise server is a godsend for my company- but other than that- its been a pain in the rear. The processor doesn’t support current applications, the weight and size are outdated, and my biggest factor… it doesn’t have the social media capabilities to perform my job. A big factor that I am considering (as a Director of Social and Online Marketing) is my target audience. In the student housing industry- I need to connect with the college students. They all have savvy smart phones. Be it the iphone, or the droid, either way, when they see my phone some students ask “what is that brick?” and I don’t blame them. I need to know what they use on a daily basis, how they access information, and how they make decisions.

    From all of my research, I have found that currently (prior to the iphone4) the android is a “stronger phone” with a quicker processor and more storage. Another Droid plus is the open API. Apple still provides more apps, and has more app development in the works than Android, but Android is growing at a rapid pace. Another flaw of the iphone is the lack of Adobe Flash. Until Apple and Adobe work out their petty arguments, we will NOT see flash on the iphone.

    Hope this rant helps some of you out. If you have any more information about “Social Media” smart phones, I am all ears 🙂

    Thanks ED!

    • Ryan, thank you so much! I wonder how other iPhone users feel about the lack of Flash for their mobile web experience? Does it really matter that much or does it matter depending on the types of sites one visits? I like the idea of an open API as well. Lots to consider and ponder, and I’m glad this discussion has helped you as well. Thanks for reading and commenting!

      • I am an iPhone user and my brother make iPhone apps, so obviously I’m almost as biased towards the iPhone as iSteve iJobs. However, I would like to make a few points.
        First, regarding criticisms of the iPhone:
        1. For me and all the iPhone users I know (which are many) the lack of Flash really isn’t a problem. This is because more and more websites are using non-flash technologies for video in order to be compatible with mobile devices, none of which (as far as I know) run Flash yet (does the Droid do it? I doubt it). You would think it would be some huge problem, but it really isn’t.
        2. Regarding AT&T many people scream and complain, but in response I would say that it is highly likely that Apple will ally with one or more other networks as soon as it possibly can.
        3. All other criticisms such as the lack of multi-tasking have been and are being addressed carefully and thoughtfully by Apple (iPhone 4 has multi-tasking).

        Now, there are several problems with the Droid that you should be aware of.
        1. First, the Droid multi-tasking software drains the battery life like crazy. A new droid phone came out recently with a battery that wouldn’t even last through one day… and that’s without making any phone-calls.
        2. Droid might soon suffer from “fragmentation,” by which I mean one OS with one set of apps for such a large number of devices with different form factors. This can lead to lots of bugs and headaches and discontinuities.
        3. Droid is focused on “neat features” rather than user goals. What you really want is a device that helps you achieve your user goals. And sometimes millions of features—which may be “neat” and may seem good in theory—actually bog down the software and turn it into a 747 cockpit rather than a device that enhances your life tasks. That is why Ray Ozzie, chief software architect of Microsoft said in a recent D8 interview that professional software is “additive” in the sense that you need to keep adding new features, BUT consumer software is intrinsically “subtractive” in that you want to make it simpler and simpler and more appliance-like (his words). You want a phone that is more like an appliance, that just works, rather than like a Boeing Jet cockpit with quadrillions of features.

        Just my 2 cents. I wish droid users all the best and have no ill-will towards them.

  • The first thing to realize is that the primary driver of the decision will be what network you’re on (and prefer). While all these people who are on Verizon love their Droids it’s not an apples to apples comparison because it’s not like they COULD choose an iPhone without switching carriers. So Verizon has put all of it’s marketing muscle and sales training on selling Droids specifically to counteract the fact that the iPhone is on a competitor’s network. The Droids really are the consolation prizes of Verizon, yes it’s a decent OS but ultimately it’s the little brother in terms of functionality, design & apps to the iOS.

    On the other hand AT&T has put very little emphasis on Android specifically because they do have the iPhone, so they have fewer and less cutting edge Google devices than Verizon. So you need to FIRST decide if you like AT&T or if you want to switch to Verizon. And unless you’re already using them I would recommend staying away from Sprint because they’re in 3rd place network & subscriber wise for a reason and the EVO 4G isn’t worth that additional headache.

    So, this is a case where it’s really similar to the console wars. Do you want to go with Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo and by making that choice it will control what exclusive options you get. In my opinion there are going to be pros & cons with each device and it’s up to you to choose which you want to live with. But I think it’s VERY telling that on AT&T which is the ONLY carrier to offer both devices, iPhone outsells Droid by a factor of 50-1. While Verizon folks will say how much they love their Droids, how much of that love is because they have no other option?

    In the iPhone you get the single most popular smartphone device, which allows app sharing with family (in case Becky wants/gets a new phone or in case you want to get an iPad) allowing your purchase of apps to go further, it has the most apps, and you get guaranteed OS updates automatically every year. There is no “mac switch” mindset required because the iOS is a completely different animal than the Mac OS, and it is probably the best mobile UI experience. That being said, it suffers from a number of other limitations, namely no REAL multitasking, it’s not an open device allowing you to do whatever you want with it, and Apple is a complete dictator about apps and is slowly pissing off the developer community.

    With Andriod, you get the fastest growing mobile OS which is available on every network and in almost every form factor you can think of. In addition Android phones are completely customizable and Google is a huge proponent of openness. Currently all apps are free (although paid apps will soon appear). On the other hand, the Andriod experience isn’t consistent within the device let alone across other devices, the OS lags behind Apple’s in features and functionality by a full year (although they’re closing the gap b/c OS is updated 2x a year) and the network carriers all have different restrictions on updating the OS.

    Ultimately I’m a huge MS guy too (including developing with the MS languages every day) and if I could I’d buy a Verison iPhone in a SECOND. Since Verizon doesn’t have an iPhone I have a dumb phone + iPod Touch & Verizon MiFi (mobile hotspot) just so I could have the Apple experience on Verizon’s data network. That should tell you something.

    • Dave, thanks SO much for this thoughtful comment. (You were always such the bigger nerd than I back in our Stonehill days) 🙂 This makes a lot of sense and put focus where it needs to be, and since Verizon won’t be having the iPhone until at least 2012 and AT&T service has been good for me overall, it’s making my decision that much clearer. Thanks for reading and commenting!

    • Great comments! But I had an iPhone, was unattached to a carrier, and still choose the Android. Not all Android uses settle due to their carrier. I loved the iPhone when I had it, but do not see myself coming back.

      • Jeff,

        No doubt that there are people that genuinely prefer Android for one reason or the other, but I think you’d have to admit that they’re certainly the exception. And usually the decision is tied into the open vs. closed state of the devices/appstore.


        One other thing to consider is like someone else said, Flash is not (and probably will not) be supported by Apple. There are apps out there that allow you to watch shows even without Flash (like ABC) and sites are moving slowly to HTML5 (Scribd, YouTube, etc). But if watching online video is important to you or using some site that is built primarily in Flash is necessary for your job then you may want to consider Andriod.

  • The good news is you are choosing between 2 great phones. I came late to the smart-phone party, and the iPhone 3g was my first smart phone. I loved my iPhone, but did not like the service on ATT. I have heard some people say it is not all ATT’s issue, but the way the device operates on ATT. I bet the iP4 will fix those issues. I was also not happy with how much the plan cost with ATT, so it was not hard for me to leave.

    Now I’m an Android user and do not plan to ever go back. Android is not as polished as the iphone, but it is getting close and they are on a rapid development cycle. I’m running the new 2.2 OS codename FroYo and everything syncs great including microsoft exchange servers.
    A few highlights
    -Great FREE Turn by Turn Voice Navigation app
    -Voice to Text or Voice search capabilities
    -Tethering and HotSpot capability (depending on the carrier there may be a charge)
    -True Multitasking
    -Chrome to cloud API’s that are really cool

    Mostly I also prefer the Android philosophy of openness over the iPhone of limiting their development.
    I love where Android is going, and and cannot wait to see what google does with it.

    And if you really want a keyboard you should check out the Droid 2. It should be awesome.

    If you have specific questions let me know. I can give you a skype demo.

  • I have the iphone 3Gs, and it is my first smart phone. When I got my new job (advising Emerging Media) getting a smart phone was essentially part of my job description. I had been with Verizon (or a smaller company within Verizon) for 11 years. I really did love them, and always had good service. When I was looking at phones, just the Droid and the Droid Eris were available. I am a very tactile person, and didn’t really like the Droid, but considered the Droid Eris. I ended up deferring to my supervisors, who told me for my purposes (high user, but not overly concerned with an open system) the iphone was the best platform out there. I have loved my experience, and ATT hasn’t been awful with their service (but I do notice a difference). The iphone is simple to use, and has great features. Also, I find that while there may be some hoops, Apple as a company has been great for managing any issues I have had with the phone. Didn’t get that experience from Verizon.

    • Thanks Julie! I’ve always had great customer service with AT&T and Verizon (long time ago), so it’s hard to imagine not getting that now. I’ll take this into consideration, and the iPhone is currently winning the discussion above! Who knows… I find it so fascinating how passionate everyone is about their smartphone experiences 🙂 I love it!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  • One more thing to consider is the cost. Sadly AT&T has decided to up data cost significantly. In the past there was one iPhone data plan for $30 with unlimited data on 3g now to get unlimited you have to pay $50. You can go with a 2gb option for $40 or a 250mb for $30. Being on a college campus all day I am on their wireless so I never go over 250mb. But in the interest of full disclosure this my have deterred me in choosing the iPhone. Luckily current users are grandfathered in or I may be looking at the same debate now.

    • I can’t wait for FroYo to come to the Incredible – hoping that solves the hassle. Thanks Jeff

      And Mike, Verizon is going to follow AT&T with the tiered pricing plan. Boo.

    • Mike and Ed-

      The tiered pricing plan actually is 200 mb for $15 and 2 gb for $25. I am a heavy data user and end up using between 175 and 225 mb. When I get my iPhone 4 on Thursday, I will drop from my former unlimited plan for $30 to a 200 mb plan for $15. I spend a lot of time on campus and at home with Wi Fi so I am only relying heavily on 3G when out and about in town or traveling.

      Ed – I’ll let you know how the new iPhone goes after I have some time to explore!

      • FM- those tiered plans are the non enterprise plans. I use my phone for my exchange network stuff so much I couldn’t drop down to that level. If you use an enterprise email be careful before down grading i am not sure if you lose option to go back to old unlimited plan.

  • I’ve had both an iPhone and Android (HTC Hero) this year and currently have the Android. You just can’t beat an iPhone though. Apple controls both the hardware and software of the iPhones whereas Android phones have them controlled by different manufacturers of the phones. There are some Android apps that iPhone doesn’t have but for ease of use and pure fun, iPhone can’t be beat. I won’t use AT&T because of their coverage so I’ll be waiting until the iPhone is available elsewhere (preferably Sprint).

    • Thanks Shannon! 🙂 I was hoping you’d see this and leave a comment today, since I know you did have both! Do you still currently use just the Hero right now? Is AT&T service in TX not great? And why Sprint? Just curious. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  • Ed I have been a BlackBerry user for 2 years and loved it. I have really wanted to go with the iPhone since it first came out, but all the horror stories of bad service made me not switch to AT&T. I have friends and event students that have dropped the iPhone and had to pay for a brand new one. I have recently purchased a Droid and guess what it has insurance on it, and with kids you need phone insurance. Ed come to the dark side, we have the Droid!

    • Thanks Mike! It’s a toss up at this point for me. What I may end up doing is just going to Verizon and trying it out, or finding someone with the Incredible and trying it out. I have enough friends with iPhones so I do have a sense of what that is like. We shall see 🙂

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  • Normally, I would be 100% for the iPhone. Up until a few weeks ago, I never had a problem with it. Now that the 4 is coming out, it fixes some of the disparities between the iPhone and the Droid, particularly the use of multiple applications at once.

    My one problem is what the Apple Genius told me was like a “flat tire” for the iPhone (meaning it could happen at any time, or not happen at all). Right now, my microphone will occasionally cut off or make my speech very fuzzy. This happens if there is an OS issue and the phone is trying to do too many things at once. It causes it to cut corners and my microphone happens to be the corner. It is a quick and easy fix in iTunes if you back up the phone regularly, though. I’m just fighting to find missing images and the like.

    It isn’t a big problem, though. It only drops my 100% iPhone to a 95%. As for Mike’s comments about the data plan cost, I haven’t used more than 2GB of data since mid-April when I dropped my iPhone, the multi touch screen broke and I got it replaced (at no cost to me). When you consider how many places offer free wi-fi (including BSC), it can be difficult to exceed that amount.

    Lastly, I’ve had to deal with Apple directly several times (since AT&T can’t help with much regarding the phone), and they have terrific customer service. If our schedules ever meet up and we make it to Chatta Box before you make your decision, you’re more than welcome to test drive my iPhone for a bit.

  • I started with a Windows Mobile phone (the Wing from T-Mobile), then had another Windows Mobile from T-Mobile before switching last month to the iPhone (I also have the G1 as my home phone — it’s complicated). While I am not a huge fan of AT&T (I hit blackout areas fairly frequently when driving around), it’s worth it for the apps and I definitely prefer the iPhone over the G1, especially with iOS4. I thought I’d miss the physical keyboard, but that hasn’t bothered me. Right now there are way more iPhone than Android apps, so I’d recommend the iPhone. Plus, you can sync it with your iPad and iPod if you have those and you can do the cool Nike workout thing. I’m much more motivated to work out now that I have data 😉

    • Thanks Brenda! I have had dropped calls also, but that’s not too much of a big deal for since I’ve had that with both Verizon and AT&T over the years. For me, it’s all about the user experience, and I know that I really can’t lose with both.

      I appreciate you reading this and commenting!

  • This may be the most comments you have ever had. I assume you are more confused now than when you started. I know both the iphone and the droid have a coin flip app. Call it and I can flip it on both and see what comes up.

    • Jeff, I’m just overwhelmed with all the comments and suggestions this post generated today. This is so awesome! I have plenty of information to make an informed decision, and I hope it helps others who may be making similar buying decisions! Thanks for being part of the conversation friend!

  • I purchased my iPhone prior to the release of the Droid. One of the reasons why I chose the iPhone was because up until then I had been using the same phone for the last 4 years. So obviously, it was time to move on. Another reason was because I, personally, feel it is important to stay up-to-date with current trends, especially technology. Upgrading to the iPhone was, in essence, comparable to that of moving on to bigger and better things.

    If I had to do it all over again, I would still go with the iPhone. Aside from AT&T’s service plans, especially having roll-over minutes, I consider the iPhone to be of the best quality. Apple is known for using the highest-quality materials wh building their products. Granted, their products may be a little more expensive, but like the old saying goes, “Spend a little more now, pay a lot less later.”

    To see the quality of the iPhone tested against other mobile devices, check out this video: http://vimeo.com/10367683

    • Thanks Davey! You are in good company with the others in the comments above who recommend the iPhone. It’s good that AT&T allows its customers to try it out and return it if they are not completely satisfied (at least that is what I did when I got my BlackBerry Bold). We shall see! Thanks for the video link, for reading and commenting!

  • Wow Ed, you were not kidding about people talking it up.

    I’ll give you my thoughts:

    1. What was your deciding factor in choosing your current device (either iPhone or Droid)?
    Service to be honest. I have been on Verizon for some time now and to be honest, I find that to be a stronger network. I’ve lived and visited all up and down the east coast and to be honest, Verizon’s network is far superior than AT&Ts. My girlfriend as AT&T and there have been plenty of places (including spots in Boston and at my parent’s home in NJ) where she has nothing and I am full 3G rocking.

    Now if network didn’t matter. To be honest, I probably would have gotten the Iphone. Now before you think this is my decision, read on. My girlfriend has the iPhone 3GS and I got to playing with that. Had it been on Verizon at the time I decided to upgrade because my Samsung I760 died, I probably would have gone with it, no questions asked. It was all I knew and I loved the iPhone. There are great apps on it and everyone supports it.

    However, I am glad I didn’t. Going with the Motorola Droid has really given me the opportunity to explore a better phone. While the iPhone has offical apps and connections with many developers, the Google Android OS is a better Operating system in my mind. It allows for things that Apple doesn’t (Flash) as well as is ahead of the curve in terms of ease of Application Development. Also the App for many online sites (like Twitter) are actually created by the company, not a third party (or like the Iphone twitter app, purchased by Twitter and Renamed). To be honest, the killer for me is the Google integration. I love google and its products and have found that they work flawlessly on this phone.

    The only issue I can say you’ll find hard is setting up 3rd party connections like work email. If you have a gmail, no problem (you need one to use the phone) but there is not alot of support yet for android phones. However, just like when the Iphone first released, it takes time.

    2. If you had to do it all over again, would you choose the same and why?

    Yes, I love this phone.

  • I purchased my iPhone prior to the release of the Droid. One of the reasons why I chose the iPhone was because up until then I had been using the same phone for the last 4 years. So obviously, it was time to move on. Another reason was because I, personally, feel it is important to stay up-to-date with current trends, especially technology.

    I have had some experience with the Droid. The one place where I found it to be better than the iPhone is with its camera: 5 megapixels (8mp with the new Droid Eris). But other than that, not much else.

    If I had to do it all over again, I would still go with the iPhone. Aside from AT&T’s service plans, especially having roll-over minutes, I consider the iPhone to be of the best quality. Apple is known for making quality products using quality materials. Granted, their products may be a little more expensive, but like the old saying goes, “Spend a little more now, pay a lot less later.”

    Here’s a video that demonstrates one aspect of the user-experience as it pertains to the phone itself: http://vimeo.com/10367683

    In regards to having a “complete ‘smart phone’ experience,” here’s an article that discusses the future of mobile web applications: http://www.masternewmedia.org/future-of-mobile-web-applications-application-centered-or-browser-centric/

    Hopefully this helps! Good luck with your decision! If you have any questions or would like more clarification, please feel free to ask!


    Davey Jacobson

    • Thanks Davey! I appreciate your thoughts on this. I’m beginning to lean more towards the Droid, based on the Verizon’s overall data service and seeing some “challenges” with the new iPhone 4. Although I haven’t completely ruled it out, the Droid X maybe my next device. But, we shall see…. I have until the 15th of July to figure it all out!

      Thanks again for reading and commenting!

  • I’m actually switching too, but not because I’m dissatisfied with my phone. I’m getting an iPhone next month because Verizon has really poor coverage on the BSC Campus. It’s pretty much that reason alone that I’m switching to ATT.

    • Thanks Karoline! Ironically, I’m thinking of switching to Verizon b/c of their better data coverage! Plus the Droid can switch to the WiFi network if I really need an internet signal 🙂 I’m only at BSC for work, so for me, its not that big of deal, but I can see why you would want to move… makes sense! We shall see 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting!

  • I am an admitted tech junkie and have tried several phones. Prior to now, my favorite was actually the Blackjack II. I had purchased 2 Blackberry’s via upgrade at ATT (Bold and Curve), and never used either one for more than 2 days and always returned to the Blackjack. The curve, I never left the house with even once. Partially because I didn’t like the operating system and because I was a pro Windows person.

    I changed to an iPhone and absolutely love it. I had always been aprehensive about Apple computing products and worried about the learning curve of operating efficiently but am very happy. My iPhone syncs with Outlook with no problem and the interface is easy to use. It also allows me to leave the iPod at home. In addtion, the touchscreen is so much easier to use than a qwerty if you have large fingers and is very responsive. You can multi-tap buttons on the iPhone but not on the Droid.

    Another feature I loved is an independent GPS that I can use Tom Tom with and pay no data rates for the use. ATT always charged for gps data on Blackberry and Samsung Blackjack. Traveling a lot it does come in very handy.

    Lastly on the positive, both the Blackberries and the Blackjack would occationally freeze up, especially when multitasking. I have not noticed this once with the iPhone. With the new iPhone 4 sporting 512 ram, this will even be less of a concern.

    The downside of my first iPhone was the lack of multitasking. I admittedly “jailbroke” my iPhone to use 3rd part apps, but now the software upgrade (IOS 4) addresses this issue and the iPhone performs multitasking flawlessly. The new iPhone 4 has the multitasking integrated.

    Secondly, there is no port for micro SD. If you want to carry a large amount of media, the 32gig iphone will fill up pretty fast.

    Finally, my real issue with iPhone, is the stringent media formats. Ringtones, movies and all other media (except mp3), has to be converted to use on the iPhone. I don’t use it much for video, but it is a hassle when I do because I have to convert mpg/avi/mpeg to mp4 for iPhone.

    • Thanks so much JD 🙂 The more I read and write about this, it makes me realize that I have to get the Droid X. I’m a huge google user, I like the open nature of Droid, I want removable storage and battery, and I want a great mobile web experience. This will force me to leave AT&T, but I’m fine with that. Their overall phone and data service has deteriorated over the last year with the addition of the iPhones and iPads hogging all the bandwidth. I used to be on Verizon and will be glad to give them another try (at least for the next two years) 🙂

      Thanks so much for reading, commenting, and being a part of the conversation!

      • One last note of Verizon vs. ATT. If you already have a plan on ATT, you can keep your unlimited data. I don’t know what the Verizon plan is, but know that they are planning on capping data usage per customer similar to ATT. Long story short, If you use a lot of data and have unlimited now, best to keep it if Verizon charges for usage. Once you leave ATT, you won’t be able to get unlimited again. Maybe something to think about if you are going to use a lot of data.

          • To clarify,if you now have a blackberry on ATT and update to iPhone, you will still have the unlimited data plan. New customers (which you would be if you changed to Verizon, didn’t like it and wanted to switch back) will no longer get a unlimited data plan with ANY “smartphone” You will have a monthly cap and be charged for any usage beyond that cap. They are trying to encourage people to use wifi and other sources when possible to relieve the stress on their system. That is why their are so many issues with ATT, the milions of iPhone users with unlimited service. I only use wifi when at home, and then only if I am trying to attain the fastest speed possible.

            Again, I don’t know what the data plan if for Verizon, but read on the internet two days ago they are moving to cap all data usage on their network, period, allowing only a set GB of data use per month, period (2GB I think).

            When I upgraded to iPhone from BlackjackII/Blackberry, I was only able to keep unlimited because I was an existing customer.

          • One last note and I will leave you too it. ATT uses sim cards and Verizon does not. If my iPhone goes on the fritz, I can put the sim card from the iPhone into my BlackjackII or Blackberry and still have unlimited data and email. This eliminates me from having to use a loaner phone (usually a piece of junk) or buying a phone to use if mine will be out of service for a while. I am using my sim card in the blackjackII today just to keep familiar with the phone in case I need it in an emergency. I keep it synced and charged all the time, JUST IN CASE.

  • I am an iphone user and am considering an Android X since my AT&T contract will be up next month. I was so excited to see these emails until I read them all and am more confused then ever as to whether I’m making the right choice. I guess the bottom line is that I need to get away from AT&T. I love my iphone-when it works. I talked to an AT&T representative yesterday and was told that I live in a “dead zone.” I literally have two places in my apartment that I can talk on the phone and even then I can count on the call being dropped at least twice within 15 mins. The voice quality doesn’t seem clear either. I love the simplicity of my iphone-not having to dig three layers to reach everything. To be honest I do not use the internet connection very often-my old eyes have a problem with the little type and the apps are fun for about 10 mins and then I’m bored with them. I do have an ipad which I love, love, love. It does all the things I was frustrated trying to do on my iphone. I’m a little nervous to give up my iphone, but because of AT&T I’ve decided I have no choice. I’m looking into the Android X. Oh, and I do miss not having Flash-mainly because I can’t watch the videos available on two of the sites I belong to that have Flash based tutorials on Photoshop. If I get the Android X, I will have the best of both worlds with my iPad and the ability to get Flash based videos on my X.

    • Sharon, thanks so much for your insights. It’s good to hear someones perspective who has an iPhone and is planning to make the move. I look forward to hearing from you again once you have your Droid to see if it lives up to expectations! Thanks again for reading and commenting!

  • I have never been a Blackberry user, but all I have is praise for the iPhone! I’ve been an AT&T customer since they were Cingular back in the day, and have never had an issue with my service. However, that’s just from living in New England – my parents have AT&T in Texas, and can only get reception on the patio of their apartment. As far as the iPhone itself, I have been a happy iPhone user for 2 years. I was never a mac person before I got the phone, but have found it to be incredibly easy to use. The application store is easy to navigate, and for what I use it for most (texting, e-mail, iPod/iTunes, and a few key applications), it’s been perfect. One of my students got the new iPhone 4 and I played with it today, and was absolutely blown away by some of the upgrades – great graphics, the ability to manage multiple inboxes, great quality videos and pictures, and the ability to create folders on the home screen for the different types of apps. I was also personally impressed with the Face Time call option – being a part of a family that lives across the country, being able to video chat with any of them on my phone at any time is awesome (can you tell we’re an iPhone family?!). Just my two cents – hope it helps!

    • Thanks Meghan, I appreciate your comment and feedback! I’m still really torn but hopefully will make a decision soon. I got to play with my friend’s iPhone this weekend and really enjoyed it which is making this tougher! Thanks again!

  • As a now loyal Android used I feel obliged to comment. Before my Android phone I had a Blackberry Curve. I currently am using a MyTouch Slide (MTS) running Android 2.1. My first Android phone was a MyTouch 3g (MT3G). I also have a iTouch so i understand some of the iPhone stuff too. There are multiple reasons i chose Android over iPhone. First, google generally makes great products. Having a factory widget that shows my google calendar was a bonus. Also with google, your contacts are synced to the google servers. So when my phone acted up (due to a 3rd party program) i was able to wipe the phone, factory reset and no lose my contacts.

    Additionally, with iPhone if there’s a new firmware version out there, you have to wait until Apple decides to release it. With Google and Android, most things are open sourced. So for example, cyanogenmod (www.cyanogenmod.com) has created some excellent modifications that allowed me to run Android 2.1 on my MT3G even though T-Mobile had not released it. It’s not 100% like the official version but it’s stable and is about 98% like the official version. So if you get the Droid X and there is new Android 2.3, 4 whatever, you will probably be able to root and upgrade your phone with easy to follow tutorials written for average folk like me who just want a sweeter phone.

    Additionally, you have the capability of customizing the home screens. With iPhone everything is on the screen but with Android you can put yourmost used apps, pictures, widgets, etc on your 5-7 homescreens and then leave the other less used apps in the menu. it really creates a cleaner look and makes it easier to find things, i feel.

    I also love the ability to use wifi in the dead zones on campus and elsewhere. For example, last weekend i was at the Marriott in Williamsburg, VA and wifi was really the only way i was able to get reception (nothing like a cell phone black hole).

    you also have with Android a microSD slot. In the soon to come Android 2.2 (aka Froyo) there will be the capability to save your apps to your SD card as well which will help in clearing system space to help the phone run better.

    By far my favorite thing is Swype. It is a standard typing function on the new Androids. Basically you just drag your finger to touch each letter in the word and it auto completes. makes typing easily 2-3x faster.

    Also, i love Advanced Task Killer from the Market. It lets your force close applications. It has incresed battery life by 2x for me.

    In closing, come to the world of Android, it’s fun over here.

  • Went from iPhone to Droid X. Have been using it for a few days and am loving it. Was worried about learning all the ins and outs of a new system since the iPhone had little if any learning curve and you could pretty much always count on it to work without any problems other than the AT&T problems-unfortunately those you could definitely count on. after a few stutters, I found setting uo my DroidX was very easy. I haven’t had one dropped call-worth the switch right there! I love the swype typing, even though the store doesn’t have as much to offer as the iPhone store, there is still plenty to choose from. I like the screen size and the feel of the phone in my hands. The screen is beautiful-vibrant colors, responsive screen-fast loading of web pages. Battery life is just ok, but not as bad as my iPhone was. I thought I would miss my iPhone, but so far I don’t at all.

  • Ed, thanks for opening this discussion and sharing your collective thought process. I see that you went with Droid X and am wondering if you are happy with the choice. I am right where you were when you began this discussion. The truth is that I love everything Apple but am leery about AT&T. Contact management and Web browsing is important to me and some of the comments above indicate that contacts in multiple databases can be problematic with Droid. Have you found this to be the case?

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