Student Affairs and Information Technology Partnerships

October 16, 2014By Ed CabellonTech

How intentional is your Student Affairs division in creating meaningful partnerships with the Information Technology division at your institution? Today, Ed shares some ideas on how this can take place based on his recent attendance at the EDUCAUASE Annual Conference.

Social Media and Chief Student Affairs Officers (CSAO)

December 16, 2013By Ed CabellonTech

How can we encourage our senior student affairs officers to take an active role in using social media tools? How can SSAOs better support their division leaders who are already actively engaged? Today’s post from Ed Cabellon shares ideas on how to inspire SSAOs to move forward.

Incorporating Video Into Your Trainings

June 27, 2013By Ed CabellonTech

Its time Student Affairs professionals used video as part of their staff training plans. In this post, Ed Cabellon shares some thoughts on how to get started and why the use of video can save you time and resources!

Student Affairs Technology Budget Planning

April 10, 2013By Ed CabellonTech

With budget planning in the minds of many, its the perfect opportunity to pitch your ideas around Student Affairs Technology needs! Ed shares some ideas, hoping to inspire action among his Higher Education and Student Affairs colleagues!