Live Video Interview: Community Colleges

June 19, 2012By Ed CabellonInterviews

On Tuesday, June 26, Ed will sat down (virtually) with Higher Education leaders Chris Conzen, Jeannette Passmore, Jen Blackwell, and Dr. Karen Archambault from Community College sector to talk Student Affairs, Technology, and the overall current climate.

Live Video Anniversary Interview With Kenn Elmore

June 8, 2011By Ed CabellonInterviews

On June 15th, Ed celebrated his year (and one month) anniversary of his Live Video Interview Series by sitting down, once again, with Kenn Elmore, Dean of Students from Boston University. They discussed what has changed in social media and student affairs over the last year and shares with senior level officers how they can implement social media division wide. Enjoy the replay of this great conversation!

Live Video Interview With Breakdrink

May 19, 2011By Ed CabellonInterviews

RESCHEDULED: Monday, June 27 from 8-pm – 9pm Monday, June 6, 2011 from 8pm – 9pm Monday, May 23 from 8:00pm – 9:00pm EST Broadcasted over Vokle Video Hashtag: #SA30 (Due to illness, I had to reschedule this interview.  I guess the semester finally caught up with me!) I’m excited to announce that I will be … Read More

Live Video Interview With T.J. Logan

April 25, 2011By Ed CabellonInterviews

On April 29th, Ed sat down with T.J. Logan, Associate Director of Housing for Administrative Services at the University of Florida, for a Live Video Interview over Vokle. During the interview, TJ talked about his role at Florida, his decision to pursue a Doctoral degree in Educational Technology, and his views on online community development. It was a great conversation and one I hope you get a lot out of!

Live Video Interview With The Cronk News Staff

March 25, 2011By Ed CabellonInterviews

On April 1st, Ed sits down with Leah Wescott and Brody Truce of the “Cronk of Higher Education” and talk about all the work they do with their online magazine, how it has grown in almost two years, and its impact on Student Affairs.Please join Ed for this exciting interview!

Live Video Interview With Seth Odell

February 3, 2011By Ed CabellonInterviews

On February 10, Ed sat down (virtually) with Los Angeles-based digital media marketing specialist, Seth Odell. They talked about all the work he is doing in delivering professional development through technology, his professional path, and what we in Student Affairs can learn from the work he is doing. Watch the video replay the week of February 14th!

Live Video Interview With Stephanie Cheney

September 8, 2010By Ed CabellonInterviews

On September 24th, Ed sat down with Stephanie Cheney from Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, MA and talked about her role in the Information Technology department and how she worked with Student Affairs/Student Life offices to get their technology ideas pushed forward. Watch the video replay here!