I was driving home with my friends and doctoral cohort mates, Kara Kolomitz and DT Henry after our final class of the semester last Saturday night and we did some reflecting on 2014 both personally and professionally. As we talked about our plans for the holidays and the much needed 27 day break from our academic lives, I started thinking about how incredibly blessed I was in 2014. As the new year quickly approaches, I wanted to share a quick glimpse into the my professional highlights of 2014, along with a sincere holiday wish I ask of anyone who knows me, knows of me, or if you happened to have just stumbled upon my site 🙂


1. ACPA Convention in Indianapolis: This was the second consecutive ACPA Convention planning team I was privileged to serve on as the Technology Chair. The convention was a huge success for the association and its members and I had the opportunity to serve as its opening emcee. Also, I had the opportunity to deliver a six minute and forty second Pecha Kucha speech on “Social Media for Social Good“. The convention included a number of innovations including a Social Media Command Center, Genius Labs, and the aforementioned Pecha Kucha night. If you’ve never had the opportunity to serve on a national convention planning team, add it to your professional bucket list!


2. My “Social Media For Social Good” Talk Was Featured on Good Magazine: At the end of April, Good Magazine online featured my Pecha Kucha talk from the ACPA Convention. It was the first time that any of my talks had been picked up by another organization. It was quite an honor and very humbling.



3. A Promotion at Work: As I mentioned in a previous post, I was promoted in July to Assistant to the Vice President in Student Affairs. The promotion moved me into senior leadership at Bridgewater State, serving in a student affairs business administration role. My portfolio includes management of our division’s budgets, student-focused marketing and communication efforts, and information technology projects.  I’ve learned a lot in my first six months on the job and have a lot planned for the upcoming semester.

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4. Appointed as Co-Chair for ACPA’s Presidential Task Force on Digital Technology: In May, Kent Porterfield, ACPA’s President, reached out to Tony Doody and I and asked us to chair his Presidential Task Force on Digital Technology. Our charge is to develop a multi-prong technology approach for educators, with the primary objective being to advance the application of digital technology in higher education informed by student affairs scholarship and practice, and to further enhance ACPA’s digital stamp and its role as a leader in higher education in the information age. We’ve built an awesome home online and can’t wait to share our group’s work at the ACPA 2015 Convention in Tampa!


5. Publishing Opportunities Present Themselves: I’m so excited to have TWO publications forthcoming over the next two years. “Student Affairs in the Digital Age”, is a chapter I co-authored with Dr. Rey Junco for a New Directions for Student Services (NDSS) sourcebook in 2015 and Engaging the Digital Generation“, is an entire NDSS sourcebook I am co-editing and writing with Josie Ahlquist and a fantastic team of guest authors due out in 2016. Additionally, I was cited in Dr. Rey Junco’s latest book, “Engaging Students Through Social Media: Evidence-Based Practices for Use in Student Affairs” To have this happen to me before I earned my doctorate was such an amazing opportunity!


ACPA 2015 Diamond Honoree: However, what was most humbling this year was being informed by my friends and colleagues, Heather Shea Gasser and Rachel Beech, that I was an ACPA 2015 Diamond Honoree award winner. As I read the list of former winners, I was truly humbled to be mentioned with such amazing higher education and student affairs professionals, including the other Diamond Honorees for 2015. The ACPA 2015 Convention in Tampa was already going to be exciting for me because of the work Tony and I are doing with the Digital Task Force, so this honor adds another humbling element. Even more exciting is that folks from BSU will be there to join in the celebreation, as well as my wife, Becky, who I will get to introduce to so many in my professional family 🙂

So, what is my holiday wish? Its quite simple really… whether we know each other well, recently just met, or know of me through my work, I sincerely ask that you celebrate my Diamond Honoree Award by making a donation in my name to the ACPA Foundation. It would mean the world to me if you helped Heather, Rachel and I meet our $2,500 fundraising goal by the end of the December.

Yes… 2014 was an unbelievable year, professionally, for me. I’m grateful beyond measure to all those I crossed paths with in person and online this year… I’m so excited to see what 2015 has to bring!

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