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Photo of Ed Cabellon Crosses The Boston Marathon Finish Line Painfully Amazing: 3 Lessons From the Boston Marathon - A week ago, I ran and finished the Boston Marathon as part of Tenacity’s 15-person charity running team. If you follow any of my social media feeds, you undoubtedly knew that I spent the last four months training for this event while raising money for an outstanding organization. Over the past week, I shared my experiences with […]


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Dr. Ed Cabellon lives in southeast Massachusetts with his wife and two children, and is a native New Englander, growing up in Rhode Island. He is a first-generation, first-born Filipino-American who has always taken on leadership roles at work, school, and various organizations. Dr. Cabellon's passion for all things technology started at a young age through his interest in computers and have only continued to grow throughout his higher education career. He lives an active lifestyle by training for and running in half marathons, golfing, and playing basketball.



Dr. Ed Cabellon is a nationally recognized speaker throughout Higher Education. Since 2007, he has spoken at over 75 colleges, universities, organizations, and associations as a keynote, featured speaker, or educator in residence. As a scholar-practitioner, Dr. Cabellon deeply connects with his audiences through a dynamic mix of practical experience with theoretical concepts.



As a recent doctoral graduate, Dr. Cabellon’s research focused on the historical use of digital technology by Student Affairs administrators in higher education from 2005-2015. Other research interests include first-generation student retention through social networks, faculty use of digital technology to improve pedagogy, and college student digital identity development.



Dr. Cabellon is building his publications, beginning with a chapter in the New Directions for Student Services (NDSS) series in 2015. Currently, he is serving as co-editor for a special volume of NDSS on technology (due out in 2016) and is writing another chapter for a special volume of New Directions for Student Leadership (due out in 2017). Much of the content on this website has been cited through a number of books and manuscripts.


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