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image of a venn diagram outlining a three part digital training model A Digital Communication Training Model - As you begin to plan for your late summer and early fall training workshops that involve some digital communication education, I wanted to share some information regarding a common thread through most of my association and campus visits over the past year: training inconsistencies. Of course, folks want some salient ideas that they can share on […]


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Dr. Ed Cabellon lives in southeastern Massachusetts with his wife and two daughters and is a native New Englander, having grown up in Rhode Island. He is a first-generation, first-born Filipino-American who has always taken on leadership roles at work, school, and in various organizations. Dr. Cabellon's passion for innovation started at a young age through his interests in technology, leadership, and organizational change. He lives an active lifestyle by training for and running in marathons and half marathons, golfing, and playing basketball.



Dr. Ed Cabellon is a nationally recognized speaker throughout Higher Education. Since 2007, he has spoken at nearly 100 colleges, universities, organizations, and associations as a keynote, featured speaker, or educator in residence. As a scholar-practitioner, Dr. Cabellon deeply connects with his audiences through a dynamic mix of practical experience with theoretical concepts.



Dr. Cabellon’s doctoral research focused on the historical use of digital technology by Student Affairs administrators in higher education from 2005-2015. His current research interests include innovation through strategic technological use, first-generation student retention through social networks, faculty use of digital technology to improve pedagogy, and recruitment and engagement strategies through digital communication.



Since 2015, Dr. Cabellon published: “Student Affairs in the Digital Age”, which was a chapter he co-authored with Dr. Rey Junco for New Directions for Student Services (NDSS); “Engaging the Digital Generation“, which was an NDSS sourcebook co-edited and written with Dr. Josie Ahlquist; and “Remixing Leadership Practices with Emerging Technologies“, which was a chapter he co-authored with Dr. Paul Gordon Brown for New Directions for Student Leadership.


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